Triona Pers

Triona Pers is a small Dutch home-based printing office and publisher. This private press specializes in poetry and typography. Triona Pers also designs and prints exlibris, businesscards and ephemera.

Text is composed by setting metal type by hand. Woodtype, originally manufactured to print playbills, is also used, as well as old zinc blocks and specially designed linocuts.
The forme is handprinted on a Korrex proofing press or the small Adana platen press, usually on coloured paper. Editions are usually limited to 40 - 175 copies.

Triona Pers takes part in the Dutch small press organisation Drukwerk in de Marge.
Publications in English
Uilliam Nuinseann
Triall Dhealbhna

Poem in Gaelic; English translation (A Farewell to Delvin): Patrick Pearse. With an explication in English by Mick van Rootseler.
Two woodengravings by the Irish artist Tim Stampton.

   16 pages. 100 copies. Price: Euro 12.50.

W. B. Yeats
Cloths of Heaven

Lovesong (the printer's favourite love poem), first published in 1899.

   8 pages. 100 copies. Price: Euro 3.00.

Dean Ramsay
A Dialogue in Vowels

Type specimen book, printed from 24 sans serif woodtype faces.

   16 pages. 70 copies.Price: Euro 13.50.

Noah's Ark

Text taken from Genesis (in English). Specimenbook of Egyptian / French Clarendon / French Antique woodtype.

   16 pages. 70 copies. Price: Euro 13.50.
Tongue Twister

This typespecimen book contains one phrase (Around the rugged rock...) that is difficult to articulate when spoken quickly. The face shown is an italic font.

   Lepporello. 70 copies. 8 pages. Euro 11,00.

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